Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Chili + Some Thoughts

I've been trying to post more recipes + photos lately, but honestly... my photos are a bit rubbish and the recipes I made this week were nothing to blog about.  However, I did find a great base to chili.  There was definitely components missing from it, so I'm not going to post the recipe, but I will once I perfect it.  I'm thinking it needs to be a little thicker, maybe some corn added to it, and more spices.  A lot more spices.  Maybe I'll even add some jalapenos.  We'll see.

I thought I'd take this time to write a few things I've stumbled upon that I absolutely love. 

                        Picture taken from website below.

A Coffee Bar: This might be the most amazing idea ever.  The husband and I probably won't do something like this while we're renting, but both avid fans of coffee, I'm sure we'll be doing this sometime in our future.  It's such a good thing that I promised E I'd become a master at making flavored coffees, now I have a reason to consume as much as I'd like.

Tokyo Terrace:  Ever since I found this website, I felt the need to read it from start to finish.  See, when I was in high school, I had this obsession with Japan.  I thought I'd teach myself the language by sticking stickers of Japanese words in all their correct places around the house.  I'm pretty sure my mother can still find stickers every once in a while, stuck to the bottom of curtains or on the underside of lamp shade.  I would also buy travel books and read them from front to back, dreaming of the day that I would walk the streets of Tokyo.  Not only does this website make me long for those dreams all over again, but the recipes she has on this website are absolutely devine looking.  Apple Spice Syrup for coffee, anyone (perfect for my coffee bar!)

                        Picture taken from the website below.

Stockholm Scarf: Um, this scarf is absolutely gorgeous.  I took a knitting class a few weeks ago, before I started working again (working definitely puts a halt on the projects I wanted to do), specifically with this scarf in mind.  I even bought the yarn, but I haven't even finished my moose cross stitching project.  Hopefully I will get around to completing both projects. 

Closet Cooking: This is another food related blog that I absolutely love.  Trust me, it's like this guy is in sync with exactly what I'm craving.  I'll think of searching for a recipe one night and the next day, this guy posts the exact recipe I was looking for on his blog (it's happened like 5 times).  The food that I've made from this blog is absolutely scrumptious and his pictures are so mouth-watering, so if nothing else - go to his site for the photos!

Boots:  So, I'm really loving boots this season.  I really want to buy this pair, but I can't fathom spending an entire paycheck on a pair of shoes.  The problem I have with buying boots?  Most don't fit around my calves.  I have huge-friggen-calves.  So, unless I want to spend 5 hours walking around a mall that we don't seem to have in the area I live (no mall?  I know - I hate it.) I don't get boots... because I definitely can't wing it and purchase the boots online.  Ugh - problems!


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