Monday, September 19, 2011

The turning of a season & a project(s) to go with it.

Ah, we just had a lovely weekend down here in the south.  It was mid-seventies Friday-Sunday, and although I may be rushing the seasons, I broke out the boots.  I couldn't help it...but the weather might not have been cool enough for that whole ensemble.  And even though it's not officially autumn yet, and the weather is still hot, there is something I can do.  Begin my crafty projects!  I do enjoy starting new projects (or finishing the projects I had set aside) and with the husband gone on deployment for this holiday season, I need to keep myself busy.

I don't know about the rest of you, but I have just recently been introduced to the world of "Pinterest".  With this site, I'm sure I'll never go bored again.  All of the thoughful ideas definitely had my inner Martha Stewart calling.  So Saturday I drove down towards Jacksonville to this cute little yarn shop where I took a "how to knit" class.  I intended to stay only the duration of the class (9:30-11:30), but somehow time flew by and I was leaving the shop around 5:00 that evening.  I had quite a bit of difficulty - but my mother said practice, practice, practice.  So, that's what I've been doing.  Practicing.  I think I might be getting the hang of it and I'm prepared to start my first real knitting project, but fist...I need to finish another project I started.

My "Moose be Christmas" cross stitching project.  I had originally purchased this pattern to make as a Christmas gift for relatives last holiday season... but I quickly changed my mind and went with a cooking theme, making them all aprons.  A couple weeks ago, my husband left on a 9 month deployment and I realized I needed something to do.  I searched through my bag-o-patterns and found this, thinking it would be perfect to frame and set out with the rest of my holiday decor.  While it's not completed, you can definitely see where the image is going.  Also, you can't notice with the photo, but the fabric has a glitter effect to it, which makes it have a snow-like appearance.  I truely am excited but frightened about all of the recipes and projects piling up in my "make now!" folder on my desktop.  Darn that pinterest and foodgawker!


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