Friday, October 21, 2011

Pancakes? Not the kind you're thinking of.

I've always been messy.  Not the type of messy where I don't clean up after myself - but messy as in I'm the one who dribbles every type of condiment down the front of my shirt & the one who has flour handprints all over my black trousers.  It never seems to fail.  My relatives say I take after my Nana.  Apparently she doesn't succeed in keeping her clothing free of food, either. 

Why tell you this?  Because of these pancakes.  Okay - first off, I really wouldn't call them pancakes... because they aren't your traditional pancakes.  I don't normally do packaged foods, but I recently found a new Asian mart, and the owner practically threw these into my arms, shouting about how delicious they were.  These "pancakes" are made with a yeasted dough and filled with a brown sugar/crunchy almond, pumpkin-y deliciousness.  It's undescribable.  Really.  Once the pancakes are heated and cooked thouroughly... they ooze the most amazingly flavored syrup. It's truely divine.  I'm definitely heading back to purchase more when I head up to my parents' house around the holidays!


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